U lock Vs Chain Lock

U lock Vs Chain Lock which is cheap and affordable

Hello riders, in this article we are going to compare U lock Vs Chain Lock for you. Most of the time we got confused while choosing a bike lock. Someone may prefer a U lock, at the same time chain lock may be another option for you.

Here is the ultimate comparison between U lock Vs Chain Lock and the pros and cons of using it. If you asked U lock Vs Chain Lock which is best? I will recommend you both. Will you buy U lock and chain lock at the same time? The straightforward answer is No. Investing double your money is not fair. The money you will invest should be worth it.

No doubt U Lock and Chain lock give the perfect security for your bike. Here we are discussing the features of the U lock and Chain locks. So, you can make the best choice after reading this article.

U lock Vs Chain Lock topic has been discussed by professional riders and bicycle experts for decades. Major cities like Newyork, San Francisco, and Texas has many paid bike stands and lockers where cyclist can pay and park their bikes.

In recent research, Newyork Times reported that there are more than 120 bikes got stolen every day in the cities. So, what you will do if your bike got stolen, we have discussed it in another article. Let’s go to our step-by-step comparison between u lock and chain locks.

Which is the best U lock or Chain lock?

No matter which locks it is, you will always choose the best option for keeping your bike safe. Here we did research between U locks and Chain locks so you can get the best one for the security of your bike.

So, the question is which is the best? The answer will be – It depends. Don’t take this as a wrong statement, because it always depends on you which one you like to use. But most of the time people choose U locks over chain locks. Here is some reasons that you should look into before buying a bicycle lock in 2022.


The weight of your lock is really a point that you should consider before buying. Generally, U locks are a little bit heavy than chain locks. That means heavier the lock and tougher for thieves. You may feel uncomfortable carrying it with your bike, or you can buy an extra mount or holder to attach it to the frame of your bike.

Chain locks are lightweight and easy to carry that means chain locks are portable and you no need to put your physical efforts to carry them.


U locks are comparatively bigger in size if you want to go with the biggest then U locks will be the best choice for you. It will take up lots of space in your bag, girls are may not feel easy to carry it.

Chain locks are portable and more convenient to use. You can easily carry it in your backpack. You can get long-chain locks to secure two bikes.


The shackles of U lock are made with Steel or other similar types of material. So, you can’t fold u lock. Skunklock shackles come with Anti Theft protection.

Other hand chain locks are a combination of chainrings that can be folded or shortened. The most brand covers the chain with plastic or nylon covers.

U lock Vs Bolt Cutters

Both the locks are come with high-quality material and protect from bolt cutters. No one can carry the big-size bolt cutters or drill machines, there are many examples of how U locks and chain locks secure the bikes from bolt cutters.

Which is Cheap and Affordable

Normally U locks are cheaper than Chain locks. If you go for the normal chain locks then it will be cheaper than u locks. That doesn’t mean that U locks are not affordable. There are many brands like Skunklock, and Vela which come under the $100 budget.

Best Bike locks for Bike Racks.

Kryptonite U Locks

Kryptonite introduces new u locks that come under $100 which are the most durable and powerful bike locks available on the market.

These locks are mostly made with hard steel with extra protection from dust and water.

Portable Chain locks

Kryptonite chain locks are the most flexible bike locks that are made with manganese steel. Chain locks are more affordable than any other bike locks available on the market. Kryptonite chain locks are heavy in weight than u locks.

Other big advantages of chain locks are you can easily lock your bike in anywhere without any hassle.

SO, what are your final thoughts about getting a u locks over chain locks?

Final Thoughts

These days there is nothing for cheap at least you need to invest in something good to get good protection for your bike. But here we have tried to make a comparison between u locks and chain locks. Hope after reading this article you will decide which one to get for your bike.

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