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Top 5 Best Bike Chain locks Review – Strong and Lightweight

After reading the title of this article you might have guessed what we are going to talk about here. Here we have tested some bike locks and some of them managed to pass our tests. Here are the 5 Best Bike Chain lock that has passed through all of our experiments. Nowadays buying a bike lock is an easy task, but you have to choose the best one to secure your bike at any cost. Hope this top 5 list will help you to select the best chain lock for your bike.

You might have heard that online reviews are fake blah blah. That’s why I am not saying that you have to buy the locks that I have mentioned in our list. But at least you can compare our top 5 chain locks to your choice before you buy it. The tools that we have used for this experiment are Cable Cutter, Chain saw, Bolt Cutters, Drill machine, hammer, etc. Hope you can imagine what level of tests we have done in this experiment. If a chain lock can survive through these then there is no need to worry after buying it whether it is online or offline.

More than millions of bikes are stolen every year in the UK because of not having strong locks. So, don’t think too much about the budget before buying a bike lock.

Hope in these reviews and comparisons you can able to find out the best Bike chain locks that are suitable for you. These are the best chain locks that you can use for your electric bike, Bicycle, mountain bikes, dirt bike, etc.

Lightweight Chain lock Vs Heavy Duty chain lock

Sometimes choosing the best Bike chain lock is a little bit difficult for all of us. Here we are making a comparison between the Lightweight Vs Heavy duty chain locks. This is the first-hand on experience for you to make your bike lock experience better.

There is no such difference in practicality but in the physical appearance, it’s completely opposite. The kryptonite and some other brand chain locks are way better than the general stationary locks.

Bigger in size doesn’t mean that it is heavy and durable. Sometimes a lightweight chain lock does the better job. Stationary chain locks are made up of low-quality material which is not enough to prevent bike theft. A good-quality chain lock will never become a victim of bolt cutters.

Sometimes a long chain lock gets heavy in weight. Also, long chain locks can secure your bike with wider objects.

If you want to go with a lightweight bike lock then at some point you have to compromise with the length. In general, shorter locks are lightweight.

Why you should choose a Chain Lock

Among thousands of products, it’s always a tough decision to choose the best product for yourself. After all, you know the environment that you are living in. So, you have to choose the product that fits you.

After choosing a chain lock there is always a reason behind it. First of all, the lock should meet the requirements that you are looking for. If you ask me “How to choose the best chain lock” then I have the following key points for you.

Chain locks are always the top-rated bike locks that you can decide for your bike. The best top-rated chain locks are always tried and tested products that you can invest in.

Strong and heavy-duty chain locks are my first priority. In my list of priorities, I have added some high-quality bike locks for you. Sometimes a chain lock may not so budget friendly but it will definitely be a value-for-money option.

How to Measure a chain lock

Chain Lock measurement

Before going to choose a chain lock you have to know how to measure a chain lock first. There is not enough information available to measure a chain lock. Otherwise, you will end up with the worst experience with the chain lock.

A chain lock is a combination of chainrings. If you ever tested a chain lock thickness then you have probably measured the total thickness of the chain. Which is not the right way to measure it. Instead, you have to take one chain ring and measure the thickness of the ring rod through a screw gauge or a micrometer.

How to Choose the best chain lock

Here we are going to talk about some bike locks which are easily available everywhere. We have considered this chain locks as the best option for you. Before buying a chain lock you need to look into your requirement first. There are two types of chain locks you can get Portable and heavy-duty chain locks. Some of you might have portable chain locks, But here I would like to suggest that if you are still using the stationary chain lock then you have to stop using it from today. Sometimes this may fail to secure your expensive bikes.

Good quality chain locks are made up of high-quality steel and it’s durable as well. Quality chain locks come with a good locking system to connect both ends of the chain. Different chain lock has different types of locks but a chain with a U lock is always recommended. Normally we have seen D locks or padlocks with a chain lock.

You will get some advantages as well if you have a chain lock. Also, you can get different types of chain locks from the market or from the online marketplace. Some of you might like to use the long chain locks which are more reliable to use in a wide range of objects. The length of a chain lock normally starts from 6mm and it goes up to 16mm. But an extra long chain lock is not actually needed for a bike.

Chain Lock Ratings

Most of us still don’t know about bike lock ratings and several other things related to bike locks. But still, we are buying it that’s why sometimes our experience not going well as expected. So, in the beginning, we have decided to let you know more about bike lock ratings.

One of the most well-known and trusted rating providers is sold secure. They do lots of experiments before finalizing the bike lock ratings and in the end, they provided the rating depending upon the durability, security, and a lot more other factors as well. They provided the ratings into four categories Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The most secure and practical one comes under the diamond category. Which you can consider the best bike lock in the segment. There are many sold secure-rated chain locks available in the market, and you will always recommend that one over stationary chain locks.

The best Chain locks for your Bike

.The quality of a chain lock is not the same, which means you can get different quality chain locks in your budget. Here we will only talk about lightweight and heavy-duty chain locks which are more durable and safe to use. Chain locks usually come with an extra lock sometimes they are a D lock, or a mini U lock.

Before we get into chain locks, we would like to let you know that, there is a wide range of options available for you. So, you can go with that one which is fulfilling your requirement. If you own more than two bikes then you have to choose the longer chain locks. So, here we are going to mention all the best category chain locks that will definitely secure your bike in any environment.

6mm Chain Locks

The 6 mm chain locks are cheaper in price. You can easily get this type of chain lock from any bike shop. This type of lock is not recommended for high-cost rides but does the job for in Ok-Ok conditions. This chain lock does not come under our Best Bike Chain lock category but still does something then has nothing.

Titanker Chain lock

If you really needed a low-budget chain lock then you can try this. In our 6mm chain lock category this is our first preference for you. Let’s have a look at its capabilities below.

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