How are bikes stolen at a high school?

This Story was first ever published on back in 2009 by Kevin.

I’m going to be parking my bike at a high school. I will never leave it unattended overnight, but the bike will be there about 30 minutes after many students have left. Of course, there will be teachers roaming around the parking lot as well as security guards, so I think they would help stop, or at least deter thieves.

I will be locking my bike in this fashion: A good u-lock (Kryptonite Evolution or Kryptolok series 7) around my back wheel and frame securing it to the bike rack, and a cheap cable lock to secure my front wheel and saddle to the frame.

How do high school thieves steal bikes? If they want to steal my bike, they will need a car jack and boltcutters, and they will also need to spend a good deal of time, probably 10-15 minutes stealing my bike. I don’t think they would do that, they would rather steal the bikes protected with a crappy cable lock.

The cable lock around my saddle and front wheel (and anchored to the frame) would prevent the opportunity for some random * to steal them for fun, right?

Are high school thieves even smart enough to know what brand Giant is? Do they even care? My bike has no shock absorbers, and it doesn’t look ‘cool’ to the average high school joe. Are high schoolers stupid enough to rather steal a ‘cooler looking’ huffy or NEXT, just because it has shocks?

My bike is an FCR3, a very nice bike for smart people, a terrible ‘uncool’ bike for the average kid who still thinks he needs full suspension on the road. It’s not a ‘cool’ mountain bike or a ‘cool’ BMX bike, and those are the bikes stupid people probably think are better for commuting to school. I don’t mean any offense to any mountain bikes or BMX riders; I just watched the dew tour and the BMX stuff was snazzy, and mountain biking looks dangerous and exciting. I’m just saying, people, shoudn’t commute to school on their BMX and mountain bikes, but on a nice hybrid or roadie.

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