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The Best Affordable Bike locks

Which is the best affordable bike lock, Does affordable bike locks are good quality, which is the best lightweight bike lock? These are the most common doubts that we heard most of the time.

An affordable bike lock might be bad or good for you. To clear all of your doubts we have decided to start a conversation here about the most affordable bike locks. If you are looking for the best bike lock in this segment then this article will help you a lot.

There are several reasons that people always looking for the best and most affordable bike locks. Here we have mentioned some bike locks which are pretty good and the most affordable locks till now. However, there are many good brands in the market that you probably know about it, and here we have prepared a list for you.

Best Affordable bike Locks- Cheap and Budget-friendly

If you are looking for an Affordable bike lock then you need to consider the following three factors: cost, Security, and durability. There is no point in buying a bike lock if it’s not good enough to secure your bike. We understand that everyone has not a big budget for a bike lock that’s why we have decided to come up with a list of the Cheapest and most affordable bike locks for you.

If you need a chain lock then you can read our best chain lock reviews.

Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock

The kryptonite evolution, this cheap bike lock comes at a reasonable price. Kryptonite locks are known for their usability, this U-lock provides security and safety in the finest way possible. It is made with high-end steel and technologically advanced features. Kryptonite U lock is always entitled as one of the most preferred approaches in locking a bike safely. Below, we have elaborated its features in detail.

● Shackle size :
The size of the Shackle is around 13mm and it is further hardened to make it last longer. Furthermore, the shackle is also equipped with hardened double deadbolts to level up the holding power on both the shackle ends.

Security intact :
The lock is designed in a way that makes it secure from thefts and damage. But sometimes loss is inevitable. To be secure at times like these, you must register your product online, you will be able to access the anti-theft protection in case unintended incidents take place. Kryptonite will pay a security value according to the product’s net value to compensate for the loss incurred by you.

● Key Safe Program and stainless steel keys
Another perk of this lock is that if you lose your keys in haste, you don’t have to chastise yourself or spend extra money on getting a new one. This is because kryptonite will ship two extra keys for you to use in case the prior one is lost. Also, the keys are made of stainless steel and are completely rust-free, and have one LED replaceable key fob.

● Also, relish a lifetime warranty with this product.

Kryptonite U Lock with Cable.

The Kryptonite U lock with cable brings to you the perfect infusion of security along with high-end features to make your bike stand out from the rest. It contains a mounting bracket for road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes as well as folding bikes. There isn’t a better safety tool than this, read the below-elaborated features to know all about this top-notch bike locking mechanism.

Durable and resistant to harsh weather :
The Kryptonite cable lock includes a PVC protective coating material that is rust-free and resistant to corrosion by the action of water and dust. It stays intact throughout the year.

Top-notch quality and adequate length :
The lock has a thickness of 14mm and a U-shack which will eliminate the fear of your bike’s Safety. The system is easy to operate and it locks your bike and wheels in an instant.

Key Guard program :
This feature makes this lock user’s favorite choice, the key Guard program enables you to enter your unique key code and get a new set of keys if the original is lost. All you need to do is visit the lock’s official website.

Other features :
It includes a pull and drill-resistant lock cylinder and a secure double bolt crossbar locking mechanism. Refrain your bike from prying and jacking with the assistance of this Cable lock and U mount.

Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock

This kryptonite bike lock has managed to once again ace the game with its heavy-duty U lock and max performance. Below are some of the exciting features of this bike lock.

● ‘ Pass – thru’ design :
This crossbar design features an anti-rotation approach to secure your bike. It refrains twist and single-cut style attacks making your bike safer than ever before.

● Double-deadbolts and disc-style cylinder :
Unveil two of the most preferred features of this heavy duty bike lock that we can consider first. It incurs hardened deadbolts to engage both shackle ends and a top-notch disc-style cylinder which is also picked and drill resistant.

● Other features :
It also includes a flex frame-U bracket which enables multi-location transport. The 3 stainless steel keys are tailor-made to last and the key safe program makes this a win-win deal for the security of your bike.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Folding Bicycle Lock

Are you looking for a safe lock for your E-bike? Here is a potential option. The kryptonite kryptolok folding bike lock is preferred by many users due to its compact size and easy-to-carry approach. Because it’s completely a folding system and you can easily putt it in your backpack.

Hardened steel links and transport bracket :
The 5 mm steel links are built-to-last for moderate security lockups. This bike lock includes an easy to install bracket for hassle-free transportation.

Protective cover:
The lock is resistant from corrosion due to water and dust as it is coated with a sliding dust cover to make it more durable.

Other features :
It is eligible for the optional Anti-theft protection offer. It also has flexible security that is very much reliable and easy to protect your ride. The key safe program provides you with an alternate key in case the original one is lost.

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock Black

FOLDYLOCK is a compact bike lock that is not so heavy but it will secure your bike very well. The folding plates are made with steel bars. It is also included with a carrying case and other exciting features which are elaborated below :

Lock features :
This bike lock includes a silent ride that has a rattle elimination mechanism. This eliminates the shaking of the wave while riding. It is easy to carry and the metal plates are coated with protective material to prevent scratches.

Ultra Protection :
The lock has hardened steel links and weatherproof metal components that are rust and corrosion free.

● Other features :
The lock is fast and easy to use along with a compact design. This folding lock is made up of steel links that are connected by steel rivets. It comes in 3 unique colors which complement your bike in the perfect way.

Amazer U-lock

Amazer U-lock is one of the advanced locks available out there. With a 4-digit lock, set your own combination and the setup is complete. This lock sets you free from the hassle of keeping a bunch of keys, and always being in fear of losing one of them.

Durable and Safe
Amazer U-lock 12mm is made up of 12mm standard quality steel shackle and covered by a
3.85mm PVC coating. This makes the lock scratch-free and resistant to cuts and leverage attacks.

Protective Dust Cover.
The lock is covered by a dust cover that extends the durability of the lock. . Keeps the lock shiny
and protects the lock and bike from getting scratches.

The Ultimate Security
Due to its U-shape and hardened steel material shack with zinc and steel alloy cylindrical metal
lock, this lock promises to give the security the bike needs.

Bike Lock Folding Steel Joints

Folding locks are the next generation locks, they offer you a carefree ride on your bike, without
worrying about your safety. The theft-free and easy-to-carry locks are designed to give you the best experience in terms of durability, security, and usability.

Free from thefts and Easy to use.
With the best quality steel alloy and PVC coating, this lock keeps your bike theft free and
resistant to scratches and rust. With the handy foldable design, the lock is compatible with
almost all bike designs.

Bike frame intact
The special coating of ABS paint on the lock keeps the bike free from any kind of damage.

Refund policy.
The 3-year customer service with 90 day money-back policy makes the lock extremely
trustworthy and a must-buy for passionate bike riders.

Aduro Sport Bike Lock Cable

This multi-purpose lock offers high security to skateboards, stroller locks, scooter locks, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc. The lifetime no-hassle guarantee makes the lock stand ahead of other locks, as the company either fixes the issue, or replaces or refunds the money if the user experiences any difficulty with the lock.

Standard Lock Design
With the 4-digit combination lock, you can set your own pin and remember it. This makes the
bike theft free as it is not practically possible to crack the 4-digit lock.

Braided and PVC coating
The interlocking design and PVC coating make the lock highly durable and free of damage.

Easy Installation
The lock is equipped with a mounting bracket that makes locking and unlocking convenient.

Master Lock – Python Adjustable Camouflage Cable

With a braided cable design and cut-resistant material, this Python-style lock comes with 4-pin
cylinder that renders the ultimate security needed for the bike.

Easy locking and unlocking
The lock has Three Camouflage Cable Locks with a combined key. By using one key you can unlock all three.

Temperature Resistant
The lock is designed with the tough steel alloy and PVC coating making it suitable for all

Utmost Security.
With an 8mm braided steel cable and a highly advanced lock design the lock is easy to use, durable and scratch-free. With this lock, the user can experience a hassle-free easy ride, enjoying the journey and leaving the protection of the bike to this Python Adjustable Camouflage Cable lock.

Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike

The Nulock Bluetooth lock is equipped with advanced technology that allows remote locking
within Bluetooth range with the cross-platform app(the app works for both iPhone and Android users). With the app installed on your phone, you can manage everything with your fingertips. This lock raises the bar of security and usability by going keyless mechanism. In this affordable bike locks category this is the one of the best option.

● Smart Lock
With the advancement in technology, everything is becoming smart from devices ranging
from phones to refrigerators and now bike locks. This remote locking device is easy to install
and use. The app reminds you about the battery, and connection and lets you lock and unlock within the Bluetooth range.

Keeping thieves away
The 110dB alarm that auto-plays, when someone tries to break the lock. This Bluetooth lock gives you freedom like no other lock. The alarm not only irritates the breaker but also grabs people’s
attention. Hence the lock is self-protective.

Long Braided steel cable
The 47-inch long braided cable with each cable having 19 more braids made of the super
quality steel makes the lock highly durable and long-lasting.

Water Resistant.
Nulocks are suitable for any type of temperature and weather as the IP44 certification
makes the lock splash free.

Long lasting Battery life
With the 8 months battery life with regular use, this lock is suited for motorcycles, e-bikes, dirt bikes, and others. The app gives a reminder to recharge when the battery reduces to 20%. So you do not need to track the battery consumption. The application does that for you.


When looking for an ideal bike lock, there are several factors that one must consider. This buying guide will illuminate all hazy paths and lead you to choose the right bike lock. We will talk about the kinds of bike locks, and the security ratings and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

D/U locks :
These locks are named after their D/U shape and are the go-to choice for all basic bikes. They are lightweight, compact, and moderately secure. Overall, they offer better security and durability than other bike locks.

Chain locks
Chain locks weigh more than the other bike locks but they are great for sealing your bike in a better way. These locks can also be used to secure multiple bikes if the length is adequate.

Folding bike locks.
The folding locks have become the user’s favorite quite fast as they have recently joined the market. It has better locking options and enhanced portability and security, we don’t see any reason to not go for folding bike locks.

Cable locks.
These locks are made of woven metal cable and are a great way to secure your bike’s components. However, they shouldn’t be used as a primary lock, they are better off being used for expensive components like the seat or the wheels.

Other types.
Other types of bike locks include accessory locks and combination locks. Both of which are quite high-end and less common among people. But we can’t doubt the security and durability each of them offers.

What is the most secure lock type?

When looking for the most secure and affordable bike lock, it is best to go by the security ratings linked to each lock. These ratings are titled as sold secure bronze, silver, gold and diamond. Each of them offers an increasing rate of security in the order they are written. According to top-sold secure ratings, U locks, D locks, and bike chain locks are the most secure and highly preferred types of bike locks.

How much money to spend on a bike lock?

Some high-end brands of bike locks suggest that you must spend at least 10% of the total cost of your bike on a lock or security accessory. After the worth of the bike, the next factor is your own level of affordability but most of the time affordable bike locks became the best option. If you are looking for cheap bike locks, the options are endless but you must realize how safe your bike is after you use cheap quality locks. Expensive bike locks can cost a fortune but promise security in exchange of money. The money spent on a bike lock also depends on the sold secure rating of each lock. For example, Good quality D locks are available between $60 – $100, chain locks costing between $0 – $100. Bronze and silver-rated products are also
available, starting at around $40.

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