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Skunklock V2 Review – The only warrior For Bike Thieves

Skunklock V2

Anti-Theft Bike lock

  • Anti-Theft Protection
  • Free Key Replacement Policy
  • Light-weight
  • Strong Build Quality
  • Colorful design

Have you ever used the Skunklock bike lock to protect your bikes? I hope, this is the perfect time to upgrade your bike lock to Skunklock V2. We had made an excellent review for this lock in our Previous blog update. But in this article, we are going to review the V2 which is the updated model of the previous one. Now Let’s have a look into the all-in-one bike lock warriors

The design and quality of bike locks have changed over the last couple of years. Therefore, you can say skunklock is the new and modern tech-loaded bike lock, that can easily beat the other bike locks in this category. The uniqueness of this bike lock makes it a way different from the other products as well.

No doubt, in this price range you can definitely choose another good bike lock available on the market. But why Skunklock? Let us make this clear to you why we have decided to review about this product and what’s new you will get with it. Hope this article will definitely grab your attention for sure.

Most of the time bikes are being stolen from the streets because thieves can easily break the locks through a bolt cutter or a drill machine. It is obvious, that if you leave your bike like “Who is my Owner” then definitely they will own it for free. Because the lock itself has no such option to fight back against the thieves. So, they will get enough time to remove the lock from your bike.

At this moment skunk lock has done an extraordinary job to protect your bike, Skunklock team has discovered and developed such a way that it can protect and fight back. Here we will talk about how Skunklock V2 can protect your bike in any situation.

skunk lock

Why you should Buy Skunklock

At least you will need a solid reason to buy this lock. These days people are smart enough in buying online. We all do like to invest in value-for-money products only. Before buying a product we all do pretty good research about the product. Same we have applied for the skunklock reviews. After doing multiple tests we have decided to share this bike lock with you. Hope this review will not disappoint you after buying it.

Nowadays every brand’s owner claims that they are the best and unique in the market. As a product tester, I really don’t fall for that type of logic unless and until I test for myself. But Skunklock creator himself is a cyclist and experienced enough in bike safety that’s why I have decided to test this product for you. If you want to know more about the skunklock history then you have read our below paragraph.

Weight: Before buying a bike lock you should always look into the weight first. In our day-to-day use, a heavy-weight lock might make you feel uncomfortable. We are not saying that skunklock is lightweight but it’s mangable.

Design: As of now skunklock design U locks only. If your requirement is the same then this will make your experience better. Not only in design it’s also a good-looking bike lock to have on your bike.

Rating: If you asked for the sold secure rating for this lock then we are sorry here. Skunklock does not send for the sold secure test. But we are happy to let you know that this lock is being reviewed by many trusted platforms like BBC, Independent, CNN, etc.

An overview of Skunk Lock

Do you think skunk lock can really fight back? Here we are going to talk about how secure it is for your bike.

Daniel Idzkowski the creator and founder of Skunklock has recently talked to us and he gives his knowledge about Bike Locks and the issues that he has been through. A few years back Daniel and his friends had a lot of issues related to bike security. Because many of his friends lost their bikes, thieves used wire cutters and drill machines to remove the locks.

Daniel himself had to figure out something to protect their high-cost bikes. Because a dedicated thief can easily break the lock within a couple of minutes no matter whether it’s a cable lock or a u lock. So, he has to make something out of the box, that’s how skunklock was born.

Skunklock V2 is the upgraded version of its previous model. There are a couple of changes that have been made to it. Creator himself tested more than 40 locks and shares his experience with us. Which we will discuss below.

Most of the time we have seen that thief destroy your bike pretty bad if the attempt goes unsuccessful. If you have a Skunklock then it’s sure that no one can still your bike. They have to leave your bike unscratched. But how??

Daniel himself stated that if someone tries to cut the skunklock then he has to survive through a noxious chemical compound that will make him feel like dead. Because the skunklock v2 comes with a pressurizing strong cloud of noxious, vomit-inducing gas. That’s enough to stop a bike thief.

How safe is the Skunklock?

There is a lot of buzz about skunklock and it’s safe to use someone might say it is illegal. But Daniel had explained about the Skunklock legalities in the below-shared video.

Expert says u lock is always a safe option for bikes. Does u lock survive through a bolt cutter? To be honest, I’m not sure but I can guarantee you that Skunklock can easily survive through any cutters. Because the Skunklock steel shackles are covered with a chemical layer if someone tries to cut it down then the pressurized gas will spread around the lock. If someone tries to do it then he has to leave it empty-handed.

Skunklock vs Other U locks

The shape and size of this U lock are pretty big compared to the other u locks. Because it has some extra layers to store the chemicals.

This unique method was first introduced by the skunklock and that’s why they have patented this design. Other regular lock doesn’t have this type of feature and most of the time can’t protect your bike from a dedicated thief.

How does it work?

Do you know a massive Bike lock can be vulnerable? These days there are lots of portable and cordless saws available on the market, which can be carried easily. Thieves use these kinds of fancy tools to cut down a huge lock.

Surprisingly skunklock comes with hardened carbon steel which is difficult to break, if someone somehow managed to break it then he will be welcomed by the vomit inducing gas which will drive away them away immediately.

Skunklock Specs

  • U lock Design: The shackle is made up of High Tensile Strength Steel.
  • Shackle Bar: Hardened Carbon Steel in material with Anti-theft Deterrent.
  • Anti-Theft Material: Pressurized vomit-inducing gas stored as anti-theft material.
  • Pros: Multiple Replaceable Keys, Good for everyday use.
    Skunklock V2

    Skunklock is safe to use, the design of this skunklock is pretty good. The chemical stored inside of it will never expose unless and until a thief makes an attempt to steal your bike. There is a hollow chamber throughout the shackles where chemicals are stored and sealed permanently. So, there is no way out

    A strong lock, this lock is strong enough compared to the other regular u locks. The lock is made from hardened steel which can easily resist big bolt cutters. Before doing that a thief has to cut through the pressurized seal and that will be the next level. Which we had mentioned above.

    Skunklock is legal or illegal? the skunklock was first introduced in 2016 till then there is not even a single complaint against it. We check through the USA Bike registry, bike index, and other sites as well and we have not been able to get any illegal information about it.

    Sold Secure Vs Skunklock

    According to Daniel if a quality lock can be compromised then there is no point in having it. Skunklock is not approved by Sold Secure because he never sent it for testing. He also mentioned that there is no plan of doing it in the future.

    However, a sold secure gold level lock can be compromised within a couple of minutes by using power tools. So, in reality, there is no guarantee to prevent bike theft.

    By the way, there is no lock guaranteed to prevent theft. At this point, skunk lock plays an important role here. Probably skunklock does provide you the best chance of deterring theft through its Anti-theft technique.

    Skunklock V2 Security Specs

    Skunklock V2 is different from the product that we mentioned earlier in our blog. The body structure is different as it has vomit-inducing gas around the shackle. There is a hollow chamber outside the metal shackle, where the toxic chemicals were being stored. That’s why the size of the shackle is a little bit bigger compared to the other u locks.

    You might be curious to know that if you break the lock by accident then it may harm you badly. Believe me, this will never happen. Because the thickness of the chamber is around 11 mm. So, you have to cut through it to release the poisonous gas. Also, it has a 3mm outer layer casing to protect it from scratch.

    We have seen many failed attempts with skunklock’s where thieves have to leave the lock without breaking the metal shackle. Because the chemical is so strong that they will puke on the spot and it can be smelled from a long distance. So, you can say there is no way to escape from the noxious gas without being caught.

    Value for Money

    Being an expensive lock in the market Skunklock does the job very well. Its fight-back features come at a price.

    If you are looking for skunklock alternatives then you can have a look into the Kryptonite locks.

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