Best Kryptonite Bike Locks- Reviews and comparison

In this article will discuss the Best Kryptonite Bike Locks that you can try in 2022. Kryptonite bike locks are known as one of the safe and strong bike locks that are available on the market.

Why Kryptonite bike lock?

These days there are varieties of brands and bike locks are available around all over the place. Before we are going to talk about Best Kryptonite Bike Locks Let’s get an overview of the brand.

We will call a Good Brand while their Customer service is up to the mark. Over the last few years, we have seen there is a ton of buzz around Kryptonite’s customer service and support system. But the company still mane to doing great in terms of their customer service.

If you have invested a good amount of money then at least the customer service should be good enough to understand your queries. There are many testing agencies like Bike lock reviews that are working with them and they have managed to secure their brand reputation by offering Anti-theft protection, alternative key registration, product warranty, low maintenance, etc.

After all, you need a solid reason to choose kryptonite Locks out of many popular brands. Which are discussed in the below steps.

If this kryptonite lock comparison is not fulfilling your requirements then we have an alternative way to secure your bikes in your apartment or building.

Types of Bike Locks

Each and every company has different types of bike locks and locking systems. At the same time kryptonite makes different types of locks such as U locks, Cable locks, Chain locks, etc.

Kryptonite locks are also suitable for Motorcycle, UTV/ATV, snowmobiles, E-bikes, etc.

Most Popular & Best Kryptonite Bike Locks

There are many Kryptonite bike locks available for you. Every year they have improved their locks and build quality. If you wish to try kryptonite locks then we will recommend you to get the latest one.

If you are looking for the most popular and safest kryptonite bike locks then you can at least try the following mentioned locks. kryptonite evolution chain lock, kryptonite new york, and kryptonite evolution series 4, are the most popular and strongest bike locks for you.

An overview of the Best Bike Locks

  • Kryptonite New York
  • Kryptonite Evolution
  • Kryptonite Chain Lock
  • Kryptonite Keeper
  • Kryptolock

Here is the overview and comparison of the Best Kryptonite bike locks from their customers. These are also pretty affordable, coming in at less than $100 each. Kryptonite locks are available for online purchase with fast shipping from their official website.

Below we have explored the benefits and the key features of each bike Lock. Before you going to purchase good-quality bike locks make sure that you know the requirements first. Some of its locks may not be suitable for your bike because of their shape and size. So, do have a close look into the below-mentioned models.

Kryptonite New York U Lock

  • Price: $111
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Dimensions: 3.15 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 4.45 lbs
  • Anti-Theft Protection offers up to $4000.

Bike lock Type

The design of this bike lock is U shape or D shape. This model comes with a big shackle which is made with high-quality steel. If you are looking for a U lock or D lock then this model could be perfect for you. This lock can easily secure your bike with maximum security.

This U lock is commonly known as the Kryptonite New York Standard model which is good for heavy-duty protection. U lock is easy to use but it has some limitations like you can’t lock both the wheels at the same time. So, must have to aware of those things before choosing this as an option.

Once this lock is engaged to your bike frame or wheels, then it’s almost confirmed that no one can dismantle your bike from the lock. This is nice because it keeps your bike protected from being stolen from the parking area.

There are two deadbolts in the shackle ends that hold the lock strongly, without keys it’s nearly impossible to unlock.

From the last ,couple of years this bike lock has successfully stopped countless robberies. NYC police department has arrange many awareness program about bike security and partnered with many bike security advisors.

Special Features

This bike lock is simple, lightweight that is perfect for people who want quick and easy access to their bikes. The layout of U lock and D locks are almost same that is simple and has an easy process for lock and unlock.

The new Kryptonite New York standard lock that is comes with anti-theft protection which covers up to $4,000 for the damage. Anyone can get this plan which is free for one year, after buying this lock you have to register your bike and lock on the Kryptonite official website within 30 days of purchase.

As mentioned above, this lock is specially designed to prevent bike theft with the heavy build quality. The keyhole is small so it can easily fail the portable drill machine.

U locks are compact in size though you can’t adjust the size depending on your needs. But you can use this lock in your mountain bikes, e-bikes with less effort.

The shackle is covered with rubber material to avoid damaging the bike or scratching the paints. With this lock, your bike will be safe and in good condition.

Buyers’ Reviews, Compliments, and Comparison

If you are looking for the Best Kryptonite Bike Locks the Kryptonite New York is one of the highest-rated bike locks that are available for nearly around $100. This lock has managed to collect 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.

Users of this product are really very happy with it. Many of the users compliment it as a great product, and easy to use. Compared to the other locks this product is value for money and it has the highest reviewed product online.

  • U/D Lock
  • Value for Money
  • Compact in design

    Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Heavy duty

    • Price: $80
    • Rating: 4.5/5
    • Dimensions: 4″ x 11. 5″
    • Weight: 3.85 lbs
    • Anti-Theft Protection offers up to $3000.

    Bike Lock type

    In our Best Kryptonite Bike Locks list we have added Kryptonite Series 4 for you. After getting this product on hand you have decided to add this product to our 2nd of the list. If you need particularly a U lock then we might suggest this for you. The kryptonite series 4 is designed to attach your bike through any object.

    Before you choose this lock as your primary lock you have to know your requirements first unless this won’t be perfect for you. If your requirement is U lock then this study lock will definitely cost you cheaper than the above one.

    This new series 4 lock is way bigger than the previous kryptonite u locks. If you have thinking about a bigger size of u lock then this lock could be a great choice for you. If you have a bike rack then you can definitely use this lock as your primary lock.

    This model has a high-performance steel shackle that is made it a heavy-duty lock amongst all the other u locks. The high-quality steel makes it very strong and also lightweight. After all, this lock only weighs around 3.85 lbs.

    Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Heavy-duty lock is designed to secure your bike in any environment. The steel and crossbar design protect your bike from twist and bolt cutters like the above-mentioned locks.

    Special Features

    This kryptonite evolution is another best choice for bikers. As it is a very robust and gold standard lock that keeps its promises to secure your bike.

    One of the key features of this lock is its simple design and easy operation. The cylindrical disc lock is drill-resistant and high strength which lasts for years without any major issues.

    This is the most user-friendly bike lock of all the products listed in this review. Kryptonite Evolution also does offer 1 year of insurance policy that covers up to $3000 damage recovery, which requires you to send them the broken locks and you will get the benefit.

    This is a simple bike lock, which is one of the easiest locks to use and most durable options available through online platform. Though it’s one of the cheapest options available on the market. If you really need a budget-friendly bicycle lock for around an $80 budget then this may be the perfect choice for you.

    Users Reviews, Compliments & Comparison

    One of our users has been using this lock from last more than 20 years and he claims that Kryptonite will be the first choice for him. Because he had an awesome experience with this brand. In the last 20 years, he lost his key more than 3 times, every time kryptonite does send him a new replacement for free of cost.

    Basically, the reviews of Kryptonite Evolution series 4 are quite on the positive side. Buyers do enjoy the simplicity of the structure and the design. To solve your bike safety issues this may be the permanent solution for you if your building doesn’t have bike parking space.

    On the other hand, the size of this lock is a little big some people might feel it uncomfortable to carry. So, most of the buyers recommend using an extra mount to attach it to the frame, but it does the job very well.

    • Budget friendly
    • Good for Bike Racks.
    • Light weight.

      Kryptonite Chain Lock Evolution Mini

      • Price: $100
      • Rating: 4.7/5
      • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 4″
      • Weight: 6.10 lbs
      • Anti-Theft Protection offers up to $3000.

      Bike Lock Type

      If you like to use chain locks for your bike then this product is for you. The chain lock is perfect for people who need to secure their bikes outside. This lock can easily protect more than one bike at the same time.

      In terms of protection, this is a large bike lock that is built with heavy chains to lock your bike. The chain is long enough that you can easily attach your bike through any nonmoving objects like lamp posts, bike locker, etc.

      At the end of the chain, you will get a cylindrical shape lock that will help you to attach to the other end of the chain. These chain locks help you to lock the bike frame and wheels together. The chain is covered up with plastic-like material that doesn’t make any scratch on your bike.

      The chain is made with Manganese Steel that that can easily prevent hydraulic or other bolt cutters. If you wish you can keep this chain lock in your backpack because it’s portable and lightweight.

      There are three options if you choose this chain lock online. Most of our users like to use the long one because it goes around one wheel and the frame. Hope this product will be worth your investment.

      Special Features

      The most advanced feature of this lock is the easy-to-use and simple process to attach and lock it into anywhere. This kryptonite chain lock is one of the most convenient and flexible bike locks that come under $100.

      The six-shaped manganese steel chain links make the lock more durable and nearly impossible to break with a portable chainsaw.

      This bike lock is also available in different sizes which makes it more usable during an outdoor camping. Depending upon the length of the chain it can attach to any kind of bike frame easily. We have seen people use this lock for snowmobiles, e-bikes, etc.

      This is one of the most durable and sturdy bike locks available on the market. Probably the highest-selling bike lock on the Kryptonite Product list.

      This kryptonite evolution chain lock is a little cheaper than the other Kryptonite U locks. But that doesn’t mean less strength.

      Buyers’ Reviews, Compliments, and Comparison

      This chain lock is a fantastic product that is been made by kryptonite. This product is the most popular among bike lovers. It’s a user-friendly design and has an average approval rating of 4.7 out of 5.

      It comes with 2 additional keys and one master key with an LED design, the keys are replaceable if you lose them in any case. The master key battery can be replaced at any stationery shop.

      The chain lock is mostly like by college students and the office person. Because chain locks simple locking mechanism makes it way perfect for everyday use.

      People claim it is lightweight which is true but compared to the other kryptonite locks it’s a little bit heavy. Longer the lock and the heavier in weight that’s fair for a chain lock.

      If you own a chain lock don’t forget to register it through the kryptonite website. Or else you will not be eligible to get the damage coverage.

      • Lightweight lock.
      • Key Sage Program.

        Kryptonite Keeper

        • Price: $50
        • Rating: 4.7/5
        • Dimensions: 7.87 x 3.15 x 1.97 inches
        • Weight: 1.1 pounds
        • Key safe Program

        Bike lock type

        A decent bike lock for all the bike lovers of any age. Yes, it works as it sounds. A true lightweight cycle lock that comes in three color variants. Portable and compact in design that makes it easy to carry with you, so you will never feel it heavy while cycling.

        After checking many portable bike locks we have decided to get a closer look into this. Because of its fantastic design really impressed us. The thickness of the chain is around 7mm that is covered with black nylon and protects your bikes from the scratch.

        This handy bike lock is pretty decent in size which is big enough for all kinds of bikes like mountain bikes, dirt bikes, etc. For extra security, you will get cylinder-shaped disc-style lock and deadbolt designs in the chain.

        We don’t recommend this lock as your primary option if you do live in a high-risk area. For Cities like London, we do recommend you to lock both the wheels together which can be done by a cable lock.

        Main Features

        The main feature of this lock is portability which makes it more user-friendly. For temporary parking, you can definitely use this lock. People do use this lock to park their bikes near the cafeteria, office parking space, etc.

        Another key feature is it’s relatively easy to use which full fills a biker’s needs that’s why this kryptonite Keeper still manages to get 4.7 out of 5 stars.

        Here you will get two extra keys in case you misplace your key. We hope there is no alternative available as of now on the market.

        If you really do need a bike lock under the $50 budget then this lock is for you. It doesn’t offer the maximum level of security but is still great value for money. Hope this may be the option that you can consider within this budget.

        User Reviews, Compliments, and Comparison

        Most of our users claim that there are no alternatives to chain locks and that is true. We have seen many failed attempts because of the kryptonite chain lock.

        You will not get any issue with this $50 chain lock coz there is nothing complicated to ruin your day.

        The kryptonite keeper 785 is a portable lock that weighs around 2 pounds. Which is not heavy compared to the other chain locks, U locks. You can easily carry this lock in your Jacket pocket, or in a side bag.

        If you are looking for a portable lock that you can carry on your daily commute then kryptonite keeper is the best option to go with.

        • Portable Lock.
        • Lightweight.
        • Compact design.


          Before going to end this article we always recommend you to read about U locks Vs Chain locks for a better understanding of bike locks.

          • Price: $50
          • Rating: 4.6/5
          • Dimensions: 4.02 x 4.02 x 9.02 inches
          • Weight: 2.91 pounds
          • Anti-Theft Protection covers up to $1750.

          Bike Lock Type

          Here in our final list, we would like to share a short review of the Kryptonite cable lock. Along with cable you also get a U locks to secure together. This cable lock will save both of your time and energy due to its lightweight.

          This portable bike lock is way more flexible than you expected because you can wrap up the cable through any part of your bike. This new cable lock is tiny and a bit lighter than another kryptonite model.

          If you do carry your bikes in your trailer then this lock is perfect for you to attach your bikes to the trailer.

          If you choose a long cable then you can definitely secure two/three bikes at the same time. Couples who cycling every day for their daily commute they can choose this lock to locking their bikes in an area that is safe.

          In terms of technicality, there is no need of an another conversation about Kryptonite locks. By the way, we have found its key and the locking mechanism is very smooth.

          Main Features

          The cable is coated with PVC that keeps your bike unscathed. If you wish you can use the U lock without the cable which will also allow you to secure your bikes easily.

          The size of the cable is a little bit small which is reducing the weight but it doesn’t affect the security of this lock.

          Another key feature of this cable lock is that it comes with Anti-theft protection which covers up to $1750. This kryptonite cable lock is accompanied by two stainless steel keys, which are antirust protected and not breakable.

          If you are thinking about this lock in 2022 then you will recommend an updated version of it, but it will cost you more compared to this one.

          Buyer’s Reviews and Comparison

          Within a $50 budget, this is a decent size cable lock that comes with an u lock. Yes, if you increase the budget then you can definitely get a longer cable for this model.

          If your ride is not so costly enough then you can choose this as an option but not rightly recommend it for UTV, snowmobiles, Electric cycles, etc.

          Like the other Kryptonite models, you will get one year of warranty and free key replacement. If this lock is not fulfilling your requirements then you can have a look into our cable locks review. We can understand the need of a cable lock for a biker.

          • Light weight cable lock.
          • 2 Additional key.
          • $1750 insurance coverage.

            How to use Kryptonite Locks to Prevent bike theft

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