Welcome to Best Bike Lock reviews, Here you will talk about some best budget-friendly bike locks and security tips for you. Where I have tested the best bike locks and compared them for you.

I would go straight to the point Buying a Bike lock may be tricky for you Because there are thousands of Bike locks available on the market. Let’s see what you can get in your budget.

The bike security system has improved over the past couple of years. Where it is nearly impossible to break it. That’s why you need to upgrade your bike locks at least once in a year. So, I guess that you are here to see the Best Bike Lock Reviews before your bike got stolen.

At this point, you definitely need expert advice because technological advancements in Mobile apps and Wi-FI technology improve security systems. Some Bike locks brands improved the whole system to another level. There is no need to look any further, here I’ve covered hundreds of bike locks that i personally used in the last couple of months.

Kryptonite Best Bike Locks

An overview of the Best Bike Locks

Unlike most other blogs that simply review, I’ve spent countless hours testing these locks, making a comparison list, figuring out the pros and cons of each product on the basis of security and durability, and several other things. With keeping all that in mind, I’ve prepared the best Bike Lock list for you, that will definitely help you to consider your next bike lock.

Here I’ve prepared different categories to help you out, D Locks, U Locks, Chain Locks, Smart Locks, etc. Though there are many categories of locks available for you, which I have mentioned below.

Let’s not waste any more time and get started. Here is the latest version of locks that you can buy in 2022. A single piece of information and a couple of bucks can save your favorite bike in 2022.

Please note that some of the locks are available for less than $50, but that shouldn’t be considered as a cheap product. A value-for-money product always comes on a budget. So, you need to make a quick and smart decision before buying a bike lock.

1. Kryptonite New York Mini

The Kryptonite New York Mini is a new version of U lock. This new Kryptonite lock is the most powerful and heavier in shape. These models have the highest levels of security that are being provided by the Kryptonite brands.

Within a budget lock segment, it gives you a decent level of protection for your bike. The thickness of the shackle is 18mm and is made up of max-performance steel material. Both the ends of the shackle come with double deadbolts that improve the holding power of this U lock.

This new Kryptonite product is branded as the New York lock because this lock is quite popular in the city. The shackle itself has a crossbar design that enhanced the Anti-Rotation features and also resists bolt cutters and other twisting leverage attacks.

For double security, you will get a steel sleeve over the crossbar, which means it’s not break in a couple of minutes. Here is the live example for you. As you can see here someone tried to cut it down but he failed and left it like this, the rest is in the image.

The real fact is Kryptonite lock is strong enough to secure your bicycle anywhere. You should also check the other Kryptonite products in my other article.

The keyway is vinyl coated, protects from dust and rusting also the drill-resistant design makes it more useful. With this lock, you will get two Stainless steel keys and one LED replaceable Key fob key that can be easily visible in the dark.

This lock is on a little bit heavier side you can easily feel the quality once you get it in your hand. The weight is almost 2 Kg girls may not feel easy to carry on their bags.

  • Comes with three Keys.
  • Email Customer Support.
  • Design is common

2. Skunk Lock V2 U Lock

In our second list, we will introduce another brand that is known for the best Anti-Theft system. Compared to other bike locks Skunk Locks are more compact in size. This one is also easy to carry and easily fits on your backpack.

When I first got this lock in my hand before writing about Best Bike Lock Reviews, then I decided to use this lock for a few days. Compared to the Kryptonite lock it was heavy in quality and a little bit larger in size. But, it’s definitely fit for all types of bikes.

One of my friends lived in Brooklyn of course temporarily. He had an awesome experience with this lock, while he visited the subway for drinks. One of his friend’s e-bikes was missing and his bike was there as it is. Of course, I suggested the Skunk Lock for his e-bike.

Let’s come to the point, Skunklock is one type of revolutionary bike lock. It’s the first bike lock I used that has the ability to fight back against thieves because it has a pressurized chemical deterrent.

The weight of this lock is around 4 pounds so some of you may not feel comfortable carrying it. In terms of protecting your bikes, there is nothing more secure than Skunklock. As I had mentioned above this is the best option for electric cycles and also for mountain bikes, road bikes, motorcycles, etc.

This U lock comes with high-strength carbon steel one kind of premium steel, that is capable of resisting bolt-cutters. The lock mechanism is so well designed and easy to lock up anywhere like lamp posts, bus stands, villages, etc.

The size of the shackle is big enough that where pressurized chemical deterrent is permanently sealed. If someone breaks it then the chemical will release automatically.

Here you might probably be seen how the anti-theft chemical has spread automatically and the thief goes running.

  • You will get 3 Keys
  • Replaceble with Keycode.
  • Little bit heavy

3. Via Velo Cable Lock

If you are thinking of using a cable lock for your bike as a primary lock, then you may have a look into this cable lock. These days cable lock is an old fashion but those who use it will definitely get a minimal level of security.

The cable lock is a little bit cheaper than the other bike locks. When choosing a cable lock you have to check the quality and the length of the cable. Sometimes the size of the mountain bikes is bigger than the normal bike, if you own one then you may need this cable lock.

In a super comfortable price range Via Velo is offering an 11″ U lock with a heavy cable. The 6 feet long cable is covered with a hexagonal PVC cover. That protects the cable from water and dust. This cable lock is highly recommended for those who used to hook their bikes with bike stand racks or posts.

This Via Velo bike lock is offering a 14mm shackle U lock with a heavy-duty cable. You can easily lock your bike and wheels with this long cable.

Cable locks are lightweight and also affordable, an older person can easily carry this cable lock in their backpack. For extra security, we always recommend you to use a cable lock with a supporting lock.

The weight of this lock is around 1.4 Kg. You may think it’s a very lightweight lock and easily breaks. Kindly have a look at this pic and let us know in the comment section what you have thought.

  • Light weight.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not recommended as a primary lock.

4. Kryptonite Evolution Chain Lock

The Kryptonite Evolution chain lock is a very popular chain lock in our best Bike Lock Reviews article. Someone did say that – it is the father of all Bike locks. The reason is why? here we will talk more about chain locks.

If you are looking for a chain lock then you have visited the right place. Like in the old days, a chain lock always will be the best budget-friendly lock. There are different types of portable chain locks available on the market, but here you will review the best Kryptonite Chain lock for you.

A portable chain lock is always easy to carry and you can easily lock your bike at any angle. Made up of Manganese steel, this kryptonite evolutionary chain lock offers you better levels of security than other portable chain locks.

If you are still thinking about getting other chain locks then I would like to stop you here. Because both the end of this chain lock is welded with hard deadbolt and this will obviously fail any kind of chain cutters. The chain itself comes with a cover that will definitely protect your bike from getting any kind of scratch from the chain.

Before choosing a Bike chain lock you might be thinking about how hard it is and what is the maximum length you will get? The hardness of 3T Manganese Steel can’t be described in one word and there are two variants of this chain lock 22 Inches and 35 Inches.

In our Best Bike Lock Reviews section, we always recommend chain locks over U locks because of their heavier security. Nobody wants their bike to be stolen, but they can definitely choose this budget-friendly Kryptonite chain lock as their primary option.

  • Thinkness is 10 mm.
  • 3 stainless steel keys
  • 2.77 Kg’s

5. FoldyLock Compact

While you are reading about the Best Bike Lock Reviews, we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. We Bikelockreviews.com here comes to the end of this topic. So, in the end, we are going to share about a very nice bicycle lock for you. Let’s start..

Sometimes carrying a Cable lock or chain lock is not possible because of its size and weight. If you are looking for a lightweight and compact bike lock. Then, this compact foldylock comes under the best lightweight category locks. Also, it’s portable and easy to carry in your backpack.

In this category, this lock beats all the other bike locks. If you are thinking about a very compact size bike lock then this may the best option for you. Being compact doesn’t mean that it’s less secure, 85 cm in length which can be easily lock your bike at any place. Best lock for regular use like college-going students.

This foldylock is manufactured by seatylock which is known as the most advanced and modern lock designing company in USA. This folding design is patent by seatylock which beats tests like bolt cutters, Crowbars, lock cutter,s etc.

We only recommend this lock for those who don’t want to carry an extra weight on their backpack. Highly recommended for those who used to park their bike on the campus bike stand or any paid bicycle locker.

Seatylock claims that the foldylock has won the 2020 European Design award. Smart Bike Lock with Combination of Maximum AntiTheft Security & Quality. We don’t think that in this price range there is another lightweight option available on the market for your bike.

  • Compact and Light weight
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • stainless steel.

Bike Lock Comparison

Comparing all the bike locks in one place was not that easy for us. We have tried different types of bike locks that people use in their day-to-day life. Before you have choosing a bike lock you need to compare the price and the features of the lock. U lock vs Chain lock which is best ? this is the one of the most asked questions in our blog. We will update about this on a different post.

Normally, people go with low and cheap quality bike locks which is totally not acceptable. If you are still looking for the best option in your budget then you should consider the bike locks which provide the best security option for your bike. Here we will compare the flexibility and compatibility of the bike locks for most of the categories.

Chain Lock Comparison

There are various bands of chain lock available for you. It depends on you how much you want to spend on a chain lock. Chain locks are very popular among cyclists of the north which is also considered as the primary option for a bike. At the same time, the e-bikes are being used by many of us. To protect your $500 e bike a cheap chain lock is not enough. Some high-selling chain locks were compared below.

If you are still thinking about the old-looking Chain locks then you might have visited the wrong place. That time is gone modern locks are quite good-looking and lightweight. We will always prefer lightweight locks for your bike because it’s always easy to carry and access.

Kryptonite Vs Seatylock Vs Abus

Sold Secure Approved on Bike Locks

You may have probably seen Sold Secure labels in some bike locks. These Sold Secure labels can be found only on the high-quality bike locks which are being proven as the Strongest lock after testing.

You might have thought about what is Sold Secure? Basically, it is a Security Product Testing agency that provides Sold Secure certificate after testing a product. Depending on Safety and quality they provided 4 types of certificates Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. If you have noticed these logos on a bike lock then you can guess the quality of the product.

Considering the certified categories will reduce the risk of theft. Before certifying a bike lock they have tested the products in all the possible ways to measure the defense level. Once the product has passed through their criteria, then they approved the bike locks to have the Solid Secure labels on it.

Sold Secure Bike Locks Ratings

Before buying a bike lock you should check the sold secure labels first. Higher ratings mean more security. Here you will find 4 solid secure labels and each of them provides different levels of protection.

Sold Secure Diamond locks: In this category ratings, you will get an extra high level of security that can easily secure your high-cost ride. Almost impossible to break this category lock by a dedicated thief. This category lock is highly recommended for UTV/ATV, Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, etc.

Sold Secure Gold locks: In this category, you will get the 2nd highest level of security. This category of locks can protect your bikes from tools like bolt cutters, drill machines, etc. Recommend for mid-value bikes like mountain bikes, Electric bikes, etc.

Sold Secure Silver locks: Solid Secure silver locks are budget friendly it offers a decent level of security for your bike. This category lock is perfect for medium-risk areas.

Sold Secure Bronze: In this level of bike lock, comes with a good level of security. Perfect for use on campus or in office areas.

Hope after reading this sold secure rating guide, you can decide the best bike lock as per your requirements.

If you are planning about Kryptonite locks check the Sold Secure labels before buying.

U lock Vs Chain lock Which is Better?

U lock vs Chain lock the comparison will never end. Here you can read more about u lock vs chain lock. But before that, we have done some tests to figure out which one is best for you. The requirements are different for each and every one. So, each of you might have reasons to choose one over the other.

Why do you need a U lock? Sometimes people do have a specific reason to choose U lock. No one wants to carry extra weight while cycling right? If you get lighter and cheaper with high-end steel material then there is no reason to carry extra weight. Design attracts people, we all love to carry a good color and design lock with us.

Do we hate Chain Locks? Of course not, we do love to use more secure bike locks. For a daily commuter, chain lock can be an extra time taking process to use. After all, it’s a Chain, you can easily get a similar type of security with other locks as well.

What to do if your bike is stolen?

Using the best bike locks can be the only option for you. But what you will do if your bike is got stolen? First, it’s your responsibility to file a complaint about the bike where it was stolen.

Laws and Cops can’t be everywhere, after all, they are human too. People usually talk about how to prevent bike theft. But, there is no step-by-step guide about what you have to do if your bike is got stolen. Here is a simple guide to help you out in this situation.

In such a situation, we got panic and become speechless. My friend Janie lost her bike in her first semester. I can exactly remember her face and her reaction after getting her bike stolen. Her heartbeat increased suddenly. How did I know? Because she was wearing an Apple watch. Take a deep breath and follow exactly what we are saying here.

Inform the Cops

If your bike is stolen, the first thing you need to do is file a police complaint. You can call 911 or any local helpline no to inform them. It’s better to file a written complaint and describe every detail of your bike. It might take some time, there are 50-50 chances to get your bike back.

Register Your bike

If you didn’t register your bike till it was stolen still you can register your bike. Bikeregister.com charge around $0.99 to keep the record of your bike for around six months. There are some good alternatives available as well. Bikeindex, project 529 does the same thing. If cops recover your bike they will contact you through them and return the bike to you. Here is more information about Bike Registry Vs Project 529.

Insurance Claim

After filing the police complaints next thing you need to do is file an insurance claim. Probably insurance company will send a claim settlement officer to you. Here you need to share the same thing that you gave in the police complaint file. After claim settlement, you will get a lump sum amount as a damaged cover. Some Bike lock companies like Kryptonite, and Abus do provide claim settlement amount up to $4000.

Tell your Friends

Tell your friends and neighbors about your bike. One of my friends gets his stolen bike through a Facebook community. Don’t lose hope, there are still many ways left to recover your stolen bike which we will discuss in a different post.

How to Choose a Bike lock

Still, there is no helpful advice related to the bike lock price or how you should consider a bike lock. In the early ’20s bike lock was strong and cheap. Now, which is rarely seen in the bike locks. But, still, we have tried to figure out an advisable range for your bike.

What should be the price of your bike lock? There is no defined price range for a bike lock. Still some bicycle experts suggest investing at least 20% of your bike value. This is a bit of genuine advice that you can implement before choosing a bike lock.

If your bike value is around $500 then you need to invest around $100 on a bike lock. After all, a cheap lock doesn’t offer insurance money. Here is some brand that does provide insurance cover.

How to Carry Your Bike Lock While Riding

You need some space to put your bike lock while riding. The space should be reliable to keep your lock safe while riding. When you are riding there is not enough space to keep your lock. Sometimes you do need to use an extra mount or holder. But, here we will talk about some easy ways to do it.

Backpack: We have mentioned this couple of times in our blog. Probably this is the easiest way to carry a bike lock with you while riding. Chain locks are the perfect example to carry within your backpack.

Lock Mount: Probably this is the easiest and smart solution to carry your bicycle lock. The bike lock mount is very cheap, you can easily get it online for around $10-$15. This way you can easily save a lot of space. But you can only carry the U locks and D locks.

Handlebars: If there is no option available for you then you can coiling the locks around the handlebars. It’s only possible with the chain lock or a cable lock. Also, there is no chance of losing your bike lock.

How to lock your Bike Properly

If you don’t know how to lock your bike properly then there is no point in having an expensive lock. Here are the simple and easy tips to lock your bike properly anywhere.

Why You Must need to Buy A Bike Lock No Matter Where You Live

First thing first everyone needs to protect their investment at any cost. The second option is to buy insurance for your Bike, Here are the best bike insurance company reviews for you.

When you invest in a new bike lock you need to make sure that your bike will not get stolen easily or it is better to have a bike than have to walk. No matter how often you go to ride or how you ride your bike you are always going to need a bike lock if you go somewhere in public with your bike. If you’re going to have a coffee real quick someone who needs a cool bike only needs a minute to steal your bike while you’re inside the coffee center.

The above-mentioned locks are really good types of locks. Those are heavy and thieves may fail to break these locks.

Final thoughts

Here we have mentioned the best bike locks for you. In this short list, we are unable to add more available options for you. Yes, of course, there are lots of options available for you. which we will discuss later on our blog bikelockreviews.com.

We covered most of the bike lock categories, U Lock, Cable Lock, Chain lock, Fold lock, etc. But we have not mentioned any modern tech options, sorry for that. Nowadays there are many battery-operated, integrated Wi-Fi bike locks available. Next, we will cover that too.

Stay with us to know more about how to choose the best Bike Bike Lock for your bike…. Thanks